How Can a Drunk Driving Offense Affect Me?

Cases of drunk driving are often highly publicized in the United States of America. Many commercials and public service announcements implore for drivers to take caution and to drink responsibly. One of the most recent Super Bowl commercials from Budweiser advised for drivers to do this for their “friends are counting on you” to come back home. There are many negative consequences that are a result of drunk driving and everyone knows this.

However, this is often spun in the wrong manner and the media attention can often be used in order to unjustly turn a case against someone. According to the website of the lawyers with the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, the public campaigns have sometimes made the prosecution against the defendant more aggressive or more biased than it should be. There are, of course, numerous other alcohol-related offenses but just the presence or hint of anything with alcohol could be enough to turn what should be a just trial to a witch hunt against the individual on the stand.

A criminal accusation alone can be enough to tarnish your reputation, let alone an actual criminal conviction. If charged with an alcohol-related offense, there could be the suspension of your driver’s license, a hefty fine, as well as jail time. That is only the start of it, however, as this could very well follow someone into their personal life. An offense that’s on the record like this could close windows of opportunities professionally or even socially—some landlords require some certification of good moral character before allow you to lease an apartment and a criminal record can put some strain on that.